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Do you own or represent a company with a positive message? Would your company benefit from online training, but not have hundred’s of thousands of dollars available for a custom Learning Management System?  We have flexible packages available to meet you where you are at:

  • Your own LMS with your course material
  • Your own LMS with copy originated at Manana No Mas!
  • Rent space on Manana No Mas! for your content
  • Rent space on Manana No Mas! and have us build the content

In any case, we can limit the users that have access, track their participation and assist you in running a Certificate Program to recognize your members. There are some keys to success in working with Manana No Mas! — be fully vested in your own success, have a positive message, be punctual with deadlines.

Being part of the Manana No Mas! infrastructure also makes your company or organization part of the Social Network that helps brings eyes to new projects. Know that your courses could be Member Limited or OPEN to bring people into your message. Think it over. Hit the “Contact” link.

I had the pleasure of working with Kurt during our time together at Ducati North America. Kurt consistently presented himself as a subject matter expert regardless of the topic and had a real gift for connecting with the audience and keeping them engaged. From new product launches to sales training and everything in between I knew I could always count on him to provide my network with the best training possible, ultimately giving them the tools they needed for success. I’d highly recommend him as someone who communicates clearly with constant focus on the end goal, improvement.

Jason Bishop

Ducati North America

I was fortunate to have Kurt as my manager in the Technical Training and Publications department at Suzuki Motor of America Inc. for almost three years. Kurt is wonderful to work with and has exceptional expertise in leadership and motivation. His influential personality gained him the respect of the team and everyone whom he worked with. When he hired me, I was not an expert in motorcycle and engines. I was an instructional designer with experience working with subject matter experts. Kurt’s forward-thinking saw that my creative skills and his mechanical and technical expertise would take the old linear modules to contemporize and engaging eLearning modules. Kurt’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic increase in productivity in our department. His exceptional workflow, ingenuity, and ability to adapt to change requests made our projects a success. Kurt leads by example and is well-liked and respected by everyone. No matter how tense things got, Kurt always had a smile. His positive attitude is contagious and energized me every day at work. It was fantastic to work together with Kurt and any employee would be lucky to have him as a manager.

Michelle Cunningham

Suzuki Motor of America

I rarely write recommendations, but individuals such as Kurt require recognition by anyone who may read this. Kurt is a passionate and consummate professional who consistently demonstrates ability, creativity and accomplishment. His work is organized and directed with the ability to focus on the tasks at hand while balancing many other items in due course. When he came to Ducati, he brought a new standard of expertise in training for Fixed Operations, Technical and Sales training. This strongly elevated the company and enabled growth where there previously it had been limited.

Erik Madsen

Ducati North America
I’ve had the privilege of working with Kurt at Manana No Mas to create the Inner Treasure Hunt website and cannot sing his praises highly enough.
From our initial discussions through website launch and ongoing maintenance, Kurt has been a true partner in every sense. He understands what is needed, offers helpful suggestions, and carries through on ideas brilliantly. He knows WordPress, LifterLMS, Groundhogg, and many other programs that are essential to a well-organized and effective website. He is very responsive to requests, questions, and changes, and is available when needed. Kurt provides excellent value for the reasonable rates he charges, which is an added benefit.
Most importantly, he is a pleasure to work with because he’s friendly, capable, and professional. Thanks to his partnership, we’re very satisfied with our website and look forward to continued growth and expansion. I cannot thank Kurt enough for his exceptional work – without him we would not have the business we do today.
Paula Grace

Paula Grace

Inner Treasure Hunt

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Fixed Operations

Whether you are a Powersports, Marine, RV or even Bicycle dealership – when was the last time you refreshed sales communication for your service team? Service is the hub of your dealership. So much can be won or lost at that counter. Give me 15 minutes of your time… let’s see if we can mutually benefit each other and raise your service dollars. 

General Business / Non-Profit

You may be in the other court. You got sandwiched in this COVID crisis and realized you weren’t really ready to be remote, or online. You are faced with not only getting your content usable online, but adjusting to the culture shift thrown at your team. This is a Mañana No Mas! specialty. Reach out now to get a grasp on the situation. 

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