Getting Started with Biking

As a multi-year participant in the Great Cycle Challenge I am struck each year, but more so this year (2020), in the experience of the average rider I see on the trail and the questions asked within the “GCC Network”.

Being hugely passionate about GCC and their cause – bringing awareness to children’s cancer issues – I wanted to add value in one of the ways I know how. This course is dedicated to the Great Cycle Challenge and helping the participants feel more confident in their own participation.

While bicycling in its origin is meant to be fun and carefree, lending freedom to its rider… the sport also has an etiquette and collection of best practices which will allow riders to get a lot more from it. While I am not an Olympic Athlete by any stretch of imagination, I do consider myself an expert on training and this subject matter. Here is a short story of what I mean.

Recently, I invited a church member to go for a loop on my 20 mile conditioning ride. He anxiously agreed to come along. I was thrilled. My friend is tall, so when I arrived at his house to see him prepping his bike at 6:15 am I was surprised. He still had all the reflectors on the bike, wheels and all. His seat was lower than mine and the pedal were the original plastic pedals from Fuji.

He had an under-seat bag on his bike, but velcroed or “Hook and Looped” fastened to his crossbar. As we departed, I noted he was in gym shorts and a tee shirt with sneakers. This ride was to be about 22-miles long and have about 1400 feet of climb.

To his credit, he pedaled most of it. Once I adjusted his bike though, he was able to power through the whole ride. Basic set-up is a huge factor in your enjoyment and success.

Let’s do this thing!!


As with all things physical, we need to inform you that we are not physicians or licensed trainers. We are sharing information that has worked for us. We strongly recommend that you consult your physician if you have any concerns about enacting any advice contained within.

Also – this project has not been underwritten by any corporate sponsorship. The recommendations and reference to materials or products is solely based on personal experience and not paid for.

So What Can I Expect?

  • Getting Started
  • Why ride
  • Is there a goal
  • Picking your ride
  • Mechanical things to consider
  • New vs Used
  • Accessories to make it better
  • The Gear you might consider
  • Types of terrain
  • Building your distance
  • Building Skill
  • Biking Etiquette in public
  • Signaling your intention
  • Tech tools for safety
  • Basic Maintenance – Tires, Flat Repair, Adjusting Cables, Cleaning, etc.
  • Next-level Maintenance – Brake Bleeds, Bottom Bracket, etc.
  • Nutrition and Fueling
  • and more…

Course Building Progress

This course is community-driven and is being launched prior to completion. As lessons get added, registered users will receive updates from the site. A personal goal is to have a complete course in place here by the launch of the 2021 Great Cycle Challenge. We welcome and value feedback throughout the process as the goal is to add value to as many in the community as possible.

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Getting Started with Biking

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