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It is a well-known truth that people who set specific goals in their life are the people who achieve the most. Why? Because they know what they want, they know where they are going and then making plans to get there.

These things work so well when it comes to planning a trip or even packing lunch for the kids for school. But why don’t we apply this powerful strategy to get the things we truly want in life?

Well, the truth of the matter is that some people DO. There is a very small percentage of our population today that plan and work on every aspect of their life in a very deliberate predictable way. These are the people who determine their own destiny and often live lives that many people sit back and watch with envy.

Most people have actually tried setting goals and for a time, it may actually work. But the overwhelming majority of those people do not keep it up for very long. They get bored with the goals, they get tired of it… or they just plain give up.

So knowing that the odds of being among the small percentage of goal achievers are slim to none, how do you get there? You follow a proven system that will keep you engaged, interested and motivated…


The 365 is a full one-year goal setting and goal achieving system that is going to turn your personal development world upside down. This system literally forces you to look in the mirror and finally decide what the heck you WANT out of life.

It doesn’t stop there. Over the course of a full year, you will be given a series of powerful techniques, exercises, guidelines and suggestions that will keep you excited about your goal achievement journey. The groundwork has already been laid out for you.

All you need to do is bring your A-Game and watch your life transform from dream to reality.

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Estimated Time: 12 months


Course Instructor

Kurt von Ahnen Kurt von Ahnen Author

Leveraging 40 years of Business Experience and Adding Value to as Many as I Can Reach... Father, Husband, Author, Speaker, and Trainer in Leadership


per month for 12 total payments

The Manana No Mas! Goal 365 program delivers! You get:

  • Dripped access to 12 month\\’s of lessons on attaining your goals
  • Figuring out your goals in the first place!!
  • Activity Log to keep it all focused
  • Workbook
  • Access to the live bi-weekly Support calls
  • Your own student profile in our Social Learning channel

Goal 365

2 years of access

Save money and get access for two years!! 

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