Election Day Newsletter

A day full of decision…

Regardless of your stance on the issues being considered today, I am thankful. I wish to express my gratitude for each and every one of you that is plugged into this little community. 

Here’s a thought – let’s grow it! Please share this newsletter with anyone you feel may find value in it. Thanks. 

— Kurt

Kids should be living life, not fighting for it.

I owe you all an update on the Great Cycle Challenge and its 2020 effort. This is one of the shining moments of this year. In a time when so many are allowing the negative to creep in… we have this – an effort by thousands, to raise millions, to help others. 

Will you join the Mañana No Mas! team next season?

Thank you.


What’s the deal with our #1 Course?

With the Great Cycle Challenge officially ended, we’ve begun to ramp up our production of the content for “Getting Started with Biking”. With 15,000 people listed on the Facebook page and all those random questions… we thought adding an organized resource for newer riders would add value to the effort. 

The team and I are literally meeting tomorrow to discuss the next steps in adding this content. So far, we have four lessons up but a wealth of content to follow. 

If you are part of the Great Cycle Challenge – Reply to this email or use the CONTACT link to request your FREE access to the course. 

Working as a Speaker?

The last two weeks were AMAZING for me. I was selected to train a team of 1200 technicians to support the voting process in Los Angeles County. The ability to train and speak in-person within the classroom and lab was long overdue for me. To hire me for your event… 


or on 


What if YOU are a SPEAKER?

I started a group on Facebook and LinkedIn for Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches. It is meant to be an inspiration to help others find success in sharing their ideas virtually. I specialize in Membership and Learning websites and am an expert on parsing out content to help others determine what can be virtual vs. what should be saved for the in-person premium segment. 

I’ve done free webinars on the topic and am available for consulting… hit me up. 

So What About Powersports?

Powersports is not off the menu. As you may be aware, I moved the Powersports channel over to the Powersport Academy. I am currently in the planning stages of the Powersport Roundtable which will be held in the first couple weeks of December. 

Adding other professionals to the conversation, we will have an amazingly, engagement-oriented event in an attempt to add a tremendous amount of value to our Powersports network. 

Another Podcast Appearance

Humbled to be requested to appear on LMSCast, I had a great conversation with Chris Badgett of Lifter LMS. I hope you find it interesting. 

The Podcast

If you or any of your circles are in the Powersports Industry…

Please, Please, Please

Refer them to the Powersport Academy

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