Focused with Generality

I love titles that conflict themselves. I chose this title after a colleague conversation about the growth and direction of Manana No Mas! as a Leaning Management System. You see, everyone in my small circle expects a Powersports derived product as my Professional Career has centered on Powersports for its majority. However, my thoughts on the subject are from a different perspective. I figure if you can excel in the Powersports Industry with its backwards politics and good ol’ boy club… you can survive – dare I say thrive in general business.

At no point am I attempting to belittle either side of this coin. I have faced my fair volume of challenge in my path working with Motorcycles and ATVs and I am certain that many in the standard business world face theirs. So perhaps you will see the logic as I continue to grow in the John Maxwell Team Leadership program and focus my personal development on Leadership and General Business Consulting. Powersports has given me a gift of taking very quick snapshots of businesses and formulating succinct effective plans for growth. I can see no value in restricting that gift to solely Motorcycle Dealers.

Perhaps I am writing this piece to explain in advance why many of my examples and real-world advice will be related to Powersports experience? Developing this site for the second time has been a real eye-opener as I have tweaked much of the product you may be consuming in here. I have decided to focus more on being “general”.  That is to say that I believe deeply in my heart that there is a much bigger audience that needs the messages in these pages than just the folks that sell fun stuff.

Focused on Generality.

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