Happy New Year!!

Embracing the Title!

Business Consultant

Thanks for joining the ride here at Mañana No Mas! No matter how you got here – Powersports, a talk you attended, or a Fitness course, know that I am thrilled to have you.

As a business consultant grounded in technology and leadership principles I have decided to embrace the definition. These emails over the next month will increase in frequency and try to add value through inspiration or sharing a hack. I have a ton of content to share, and this could be really fun. 

Here’s how you can do your part. Share it. Share the posts, the podcast, Youtube, and Facebook Pages. The more we can add value to others, the bigger and stronger our community grows. 

Here’s a link to my latest post — Happy New Year. 

— Kurt

As I move forward, I will categorize the content coming out to you, so you will have more control of what hits your inbox. 

Some know me as a Powersport Guy, or a Fitness Guy, or a Leadership Guy or even a Youth Worker… here’s the gig… I am a consultant that helps business embrace technology and find growth. Those “Guys” you know — they are the fruits of that labor and skill set. Don’t let your friends miss out on this new push. 

Share the Kurt von Ahnen message with Mañana No Mas!

Kick it in ’21!


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