Have You Decided it’s Time For a Change?

 5th week of The Camp’s Challenge to lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks.

People want to hang out with winners. So what do you do if you feel like you’re not winning? That’s a tougher question to answer if you take a moment, to be honest with yourself. For me personally, I had found myself in a bad situation. I had a horrible boss, restricted personal growth and a complete lack of balance. My weight had gotten out of control and while not depressed in a stereotypical manner… was not myself.

I decided to quit my horrible boss even though I had a job I loved. That was a very difficult task — admitting defeat. Then I poured into Personal Development embracing the John Maxwell Team philosophy. The John Maxwell program expanded well beyond the books I had read from John. I had already read the “360 Degree Leader”, “Leadership Gold”, and the “21 Indisputable Laws of Leadership” but knew there would be more inside the program — and boy was there!

After spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on Leadership content, I am ready to share this wealth of information and life-experience with others. Save yourself the heartache of learning the hard way. Tread a path of success led by other successful people to get to the goals you seek. Don’t really have a goal yet? That is OK — we cover a section on goal setting inside!!

I loved the books, why not join the team?

From there, I had to tackle the weight. My wife and I joined a 6-week challenge with The Transformation Camp in Corona, California. In the six-weeks I dropped over 25 pounds! Then I launched the second challenge and signed my daughter and me up for the Warrior Dash. Some would argue that I haven’t completed the journey yet so there is no win. Wrong. The moment you recognize the issue and take tangible steps to improve – you win!

Why share all this? Why put it online in the first place? Well, I believe integrity in Leadership Training takes transparency. If I were to read out of a book to train by the numbers… where would the influence come from? As John Maxwell often says “Leadership is Influence”.

The Following Pages Will Change Your Life!

I am certain that influence from winners, in a group surrounded by winners has to lead to improvement. As I strive to build out this web-property and share some of my best tidbits with you, I know this will have an effect on your life. So don’t wait – Dive In! Take a tour, or join. See you on the inside.

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