Protecting Content?

Today was an interesting conversation. I was stuck in the cage on Highway 91 when an old friend gave me a call out of the blue. He is also in the Powersports Industry. He owns a successful expanding European store in a really cool town, but he also works to develop other dealers from a training perspective.

It was an extraordinary chat as we poured accolades over each other and our abilities to overcome. Yeah, that sounds horrible, but both of us have had to overcome great obstacles to forge a path we’ve been called to.

For the record, he does not train with me. He works under another umbrella that I have great respect for. What do you do when you have a product to sell but you want to respect the space that others are in? Well I believe you either modify your message to appeal to a different audience or…. hit them straight on with no apology. In my case I am lucky.

My take on immediate improvement in sales and customer retention is very different from my friend. To me, he’s the guy you graduate to if you want to immerse yourself in more than leadership, base efficiency and communication.

To the point of the title up top… he asked “How do you protect your content?”. I answered right away, but after I answered I gave it more of an introspective moment. You see, I wrote the course that Ducati North America teaches. They were offered an opportunity to purchase the course. Years later, I became a full time employee and continued to teach the course. I no longer work there, but they are struggling to deliver the course to the dealers… Did they steal it?

Its a fair question. Employment at a facility does not procure an artists previous work. Intellectual Property is a convoluted subject full of ins and outs. The other thing is this… what makes the information mine in the first place? How did I gain the information?

My answer to my friend was simple. I said you can’t really protect anything as much of what we teach is common. It’s the packaging that makes it special. Nobody can deliver a sales talk or Fixed Operations course like you or I. In that light, continue to forge relationships and build value in your presentation. Protecting content is secondary.

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