How to Make an Interactive Learning and Membership Site

I received a lot of questions about the Mañana No Mas learning system and my strategies that were launched way before COVID-19. But once COVID-19 was a thing, there seemed to be a frenzy to getting content online for learning.

My platforms do so much more than share information though. I self-host my platform giving me control over it. I also self-host the Membership portion that adds Group capability to the learning content. Of course, there is reporting available and built in monetization tools.

Now add in a CRM function. (Customer Relations Management) and factor in consistent communication tools, funnels and newsletters. What? You’d like to house your Zoom meetings and publish invitations with your branding? I show you that too.

This On-demand webinar took a piece of work to get done, and I actually had to do it twice to overcome an eye injury. I cover where I host, why I host, the tools to plugin and how I use them — I hope you find value in this.