Goals and Growth

The heartbeat of the Mañana No Mas! Academy… Goals and Growth is the magic that helps all of our other categories really strive forward. For students in the “All_Access” path, the benefit of Goals and Growth in combination with the specialty chosen amplifies results.

Goals and Growth in our academy are broken into levels – “I Beleive” may be the ins[piration you need to build on your goals. “Behavioral Based Goals” illustrates different types of goals and how to generate results in behavior. For those in a hurry – we have the short form Goals Course, but for those in search of deeper results – Goal 365. Imagine a year-long focus on your goals and results.

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Kurt von Ahnen Kurt von Ahnen Author

Leveraging 40 years of Business Experience and Adding Value to as Many as I Can Reach… Father, Husband, Author, Speaker, and Trainer in Leadership

Goals and Growth


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