Personal Development

This membership gains access to the Manana No Mas! Academy for Personal Development. Who is this membership for?

  • the consummate learner that is constantly looking toward growth
  • the savvy learner that recognizes the value of “bundling”
  • the open-minded learner that is agreeable to different learning styles
  • the Social learner that thrives on the community

Personal Development


No Payments or subscriptions to worry about. Boom!

Personal Development Subscription

per month

Take your time and soak it in month by month. 

  • Access to Personal Development courses
  • Access to our Social Learning channel
  • Access to member-only sessions and content

What Does the Student Path Look Like?

When you become a student of the Mañana No Mas! Academy you will be onboarded through a series of emails, but also be automatically given access to your course content. While we love to see people dive into the learning journey, we also feel it is important to pace yourself and focus on the growth that continued learning can provide. While not a “set in stone” – below is a projected path to tackle the courses included in your membership.

Embrace the ProcessA great course that has to do with finishing what we start. Creates the “sticktoitiveness” being a self-learner requires
Jot it DownJournaling can be foundational to some. It was for me, and I regret that I found it so late in life. Creates a habit of self reflection, accountability, and motivation
Yes to KindnessA reminder of how simply being pleasant has its reward. Brings kindness to a forefront
Mañana No Mas! DisciplineHere is where the rubber meets the road. Foundational ideas are blended and drilled down to taking an action and using discipline to get results. Amplifies results through discipline
Capitalize on OpportunityThis course helps students recognize opportunity, make decisions based on opportunity and follow through. Leads to a goal-setting mentality

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