Newsletter 03/19/2020


This is not a boo-hoo email about the current situation outside our dealerships. This is a hopeful message of opportunity. Raise a glass and toast. 

— Kurt


With talk of Social Distancing and personal quarantine, activities like mountain biking, road biking, running, camping, boating, and even motorcycling have once again risen in social status. While a full investigation and data crunch over time will reveal any real growth over the next thirty -sixty, and ninety-days, it is the art of communication that will make it true for many — Full Article and solutions 

Why Leadership?

Our culture is suffering a major vacuum in Leadership. A great quote of John C. Maxwell (leadership master) is “Good leaders see more than others do, and see before others do”. I am hosting a FREE live virtual MasterMind on the John C. Maxwell book – Leadershift. You are Invited. 

Cool Kid’s Club

Our new Facebook Page for Service Writers and Service managers is off to a great start. If you LIKED the Page… don’t forget to FOLLOW the page or you’ll be late to the party. We host live MasterMind calls and leverage community in search of common successes. 

Where Can’t Boats Catch the Virus?

On the water, silly. If you are in the Marine industry, there is no better time to get your people out on the water. The more they use the product, the happier they are, and the more service work is generated. Communicate with your customers about proper cleaning, and maintenance… then invite them to quarantine their families on the water. See our Powersports Article for Carry-over.

Anyway… That’s about it. I’d limit it to 5 relevant things or less if possible.

Say your parting words and bugger off already!

Best of luck!

@ The Manana No Mas! Team

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