Newsletter 11/19/2020

Can you believe 2020 is almost over?…

As 2021 approaches, I have been distracted by the idea of “how can I improve my outlook going into 2021?” There are so many things that we have no control over – but we do have control over how we prepare and react. 

Follow me through this newsletter as we look at some options to invest in ourselves and prepare for a new year. 

— Kurt

Facebook Challenges are the Rage!

The Heart of Presenting

Many in the Mañana No Mas! circles are potential Authors, Speakers, and Coaches. My friend Andrew Eggleton (and former Podcast Guest) is a master presenter and leads people through a Facebook Challenge that exposes their true self in presenting. While Andrew has premium coaching available, this Challenge is free to sample the waters and his genius. The Group that surrounds him online is also super supportive and engaged. 

I highly encourage you to check this out — after all, this year the graphics are “Yellow“. 

Say Yes to Kindness

Dedicated to a fantastic lady I met this year, and a type of celebration that you can overcome what a year can throw at you… we released the Say Yes to Kindness Course on our Academy. Tammy Joy Lane attended a workshop with me in February – before COVID shut things down – and her energy and passion were contagious. Her focus? 

Saying Yes to Kindness (Her Site)

An outreach of that concept is to work tirelessly in the area of Suicide Prevention. Remember, we may not be able to control everything around us, but we have a say in how we react. I love Tammy’s positivity and message. 

We’ve made the course free in recognition of her motivation. Jump in

December 9, 2020

Powersport Roundtable

As the organizer, I’ve been able to gather a group of professionals in the Powersports space to come together on one day to add a tom of value to Powersports Dealers.

This one-day event from 9-2 PST will feature speakers in Sales, BDC, Social and Service. COVID so far has been the influence we foreshadowed in the spring. Since we were right in those predictions, we want to gather as many dealers as possible to our event and help them get ready to attack 2021. 

The Supply Chain is broken. The OEMs are cutting back on staff. 2021 can still be a great success. Join Us

Black Friday All Month!?

That is right. Mañana No Mas! is holding a Black Friday sale all month offering 20% off any of our Courses or Memberships. What a way to celebrate the oncoming 2021 then to fill your mind with positivity and growth. 

Use Coupon Code “blackfriday2020”

Catch Up On My Podcast

I have one on the machine right now I am hoping to release this week. In the meantime, if you haven’t heard some of the Mañana No Mas! episodes – check them out. 

Stacy Raske — Author, Badass, Coach, Speaker

Sherri and Lou Everett – Leadership Coaches

Andrew Eggleton – Presentation Sauvant

Kevin Cope – Author

Rob Ferre – Celebrity DJ

Robert Pandya – Powersports Pro

Andrew S. Oakes – Leadership and Finance

Rod Tillery –HR genius

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