Newsletter 5/29/2020

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I don’t know about you, but I took my daughter to the store the other day. In our area, they had lifted restrictions on facemasks so into the store we went. For weeks, we had heard people complain about the restrictions, so part of us was actually excited to exchange a smile with someone. 

I would guess there were a total of 100 people in the store, so the percentage of people wearing masks was about 98%.   😉  I was waiting for someone to call Child Services on me!!

That is just a real-world reminder that this situation is different for everyone. As business owners, we need to be sensitive to others, but still, honor ourselves in our actions. 

I feel years of John Maxwell’s training has prepared me well for this. Let me know how I can help. 

— Kurt


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Answering the Demand of Online 

People in my circles know me as a guy that is comfortable online. I’ve been getting lots of requests lately, as more and more people are recognizing their need to up their game. In response to this demand, I am hosting a FREE webinar

I have corporate prizes to award, a presentation ready to share, as well as a glimpse behind the curtain as to how Mañana No Mas! and Podshow Exchange are run. It is scheduled for Friday, June 5, 2020, at 10:30 am PST.

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Podcasts are on a Roll with Mañana No Mas!

Not only is the Mañana No Mas! Podcast beginning to attract talent for guests, but I’ve doubled down in the Podcast craze and started a new Podcast project — Podshow Exchange. The most difficult thing to get started for me was finding talent. Now my hope is to build a community of podcasters and contributors to collaborate. Early adopters get in FREE!

As for the Mañana No Mas! Podcast… this week saw the release of my interview with fellow John Maxwell team member – Lawrence Henderson. Tune in to listen as he describes his version of putting “Voice to Values”. 

Projected Growth Coming True

While I am a fully trained John Maxwell Team Member in Leadership, Training, and Coaching… I still focus my skills, when possible, on the Powersports and Marine Industries. Back in March, I published an article forecasting growth and an early start to the season due to the COVID crisis. (See Article Here)

While some O.E.M.’s have taken a less aggressive stance by reducing staff, some have chosen to lean in. I want to acknowledge the O.E.M.s that have leaned in. The dealers that I continue to stay in contact with have been reporting growth and demand for service. Increased retail now will spill into increased service demand in the near future, and I question how well the distributors and dealers will be prepared.  

So I ask — “How are you preparing for the increase in Service demand?”


Imagine a social event where you don’t need to get dressed up, you don’t need to go anywhere, and you get to laugh and meet great people without being sold on something…

That is Zoom Night Out. Started as a small, private Facebook Group, I thought it would be a great tool to give people a social outlet and relieve some of the Social Isolation. We’ve had comedians, mechanics, lawyers, financial advisors, trainers, and doctors in the group. I never know who is coming… 

How about you? The next Zoom Night Out is TONIGHT!! 6 pm PST

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Affiliate Program

Essential business is everywhere. Now, more than ever, they may benefit greatly from a little coaching. That is where Manana No Mas! shines. We have an affiliate program built into the site to reward those that help support the message. Earn a 20% thank you, automatically, each time a referral of yours uses your unique link to register a new account. More information …

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Best of luck and stay healthy!

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