Newsletter 7/21/2020

I had some news to share today on the Mañana No Mas! Morning Check-In show. Then I got caught in a kind of rant where I exposed my fear of the Powersports, Marine, and Recreation industries. I’ve been sugar-coating it for a while and folks don’t seem to be listening… meanwhile, everything I predicted is coming to pass. 

See the Show…If time is not on your side, fast forward to the 13-minute mark, that’s when the juice kicked in 🙂

— Kurt

Bringing You Leaders

Yesterday was a truly humbling experience. I had the esteemed pleasure of interviewing an INTERNATIONAL Presentation Trainer. Andrew Eggleton is a professional I saw speak live in February. We’ve stayed in touch and he has been gracious enough to share his time and expertise. 

This is NOT just a training talk… Andrew drops some real truth bombs in this interview about success and who gets it. Access the full Interview through the Mañana No Mas! site. 

Invited to Speak?

As mentioned last week, I am super-humbled to announce that I have been invited to speak at the Empowerment Retreat. I encourage you to join this group and see the diverse speakers addressing ways to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. 

If you are interested in booking me… 

Booking Kurt to Speak

Powersports Fixed Operations Training – Introductory Price Expiration

I am getting bolder and bolder with this message of investing in your service staff if you own a Powersports or Marine dealership. The same goes for these bicycle shops running out of sales inventory. 

It’s been an awesome 4 months of sales. Soon, these new clients will be trying to book services at your back counter. If you haven’t actively trained this staff to continue the client relationship — all the work upfront (and its potential profit) is lost. 

The opportunity in our “Proof of Concept” with pilot dealers is a success. In just the last two weeks we’ve coached multiple dealers to large revenue increases. Introductory pricing is expiring at the end of the month. If you or someone you know can use this training, get in now to hold your “Lifetime Pricing”. 

Train Your People!!

Training Your People

What Are People Saying??

“As a consultant learning management system design, Kurt has no equal. With just a handful of meetings, Kurt provided invaluable pointers that propelled my LMS development forward dramatically. I cannot recommend Kurt enough as an L&D professional and as an LMS consultant. ” 

Donovan Stites

For my third year, I am participating in this event. This year, coming back from injury, I claimed I would ride 500 miles in September. I decided to up the ante based on the giving of my network. Whether you can join the team or write the check, if I generate my fundraising goal prior to September 1st — I will DOUBLE the miles to 1,000!!!

— Details here… 

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