Newsletter 7/8/2020

What a fourth of July! Our local government canceled everything and the people spoke. They spoke by launching their own Freedom Celebration. Thousands upon thousands of fireworks went off for hours and hours. 

Full-disclosure… we are a large dog owner, so at my house – we hated it. 

See newsreel from LA. 

— Kurt

Beating this Ol’Drum

I was on the phone with one of my contacts yesterday, discussing the Powersports industry from the distributor perspective. (why this newsletter is a day late)

There are so many ways dealers can increase performance through Productivity, Efficiency and Profit — while increasing CSI and lowering tech turn-over…This is my take on Powersports Retail Now. 

Why Leadership?

We are in a Leadership Vacuum right now. More than ever, our businesses, organizations, and communities need leadership that will invest in its own. We need leaders that create leaders. My hope is that this Tuesday Series I lead will help in that way. Tune into the Academy and follow along on YouTube for the Live Sessions. 

Got a podcast?

One of my newest pet projects is the Podshow Exchange. It’s built to join Podcast Creators and Podcast Contributors in a collaboration environment. I’ve opened it up to early adopters for FREE!

Don’t forget… the new shirts are in… We have them available this week on the main site. 

Go get it!

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