Newsletter 8/4/2020

Thank you – thank you.

The giving came through right after sending this newsletter last week. If you missed it – I asked for support in doing the Great Cycle Challenge in the month of September. 

Kids should be living life, not fighting for it.

All funds raised will support SickKids Foundation to provide care, develop treatments, and find a cure for childhood cancer.

Thank you.

— Kurt

BY THE WAY – If my fundraising exceeds $1000.00 by September 1, 2020 — I will double the mileage!!

Officially in Phase III!

I have announced recently that the Mañana No Mas! Fixed Operations Membership would be progressing through its phases. August 1, 2020, was the first day of the Phase III launch. 

  • Phase I – Beta test involving a control group of dealers to flesh out the system
  • Phase II – Proof of Concept on a paid training model – Introductory Pricing
  • Phase III – Increased curriculum and adjusted membership value
  • Phase IV – Fully developed curriculum with an incorporated Certification Program — Further Value Adjustment. 

Just last week on our LIVE Support call we were able to uncover flaws in the Service Counter process of one of our dealers. The value of that process development is estimated in the Multi-6-figures. That is a tremendous ROI for investing in your staff!!

Speaking of New Training…

I covered this book online in a series of MasterMind workshops. The replay of these workshops has been reorganized in the Mañana No Mas! Academy in a tidy course

Sharing the values and details contained in the writing of John C. Maxwell is a blessing and I hope you too can find value in this content. 

Did you want to be a MANAGER or a LEADER?

Win Mañana No Mas! SWAG

The shirts have been a big hit. You have your choice of black or black. I stocked sized Small thru XL, but the XL’s are almost out of stock already. You can of course support us by visiting our store

But, I thought it would be fun to RAFFLE a couple of shirts off for joining the list and helping us get the word out. Due to the low inventory on XL’s I had to limit the Raffle to Small through Large, FREE in the Continental USA (if you win). 

Win a SHIRT!!

Goal Setting Made Easy?

I love the topic of Goal Setting and sharing that concept with others. Last year, I published a large course on Goal Setting called “Goal 365”, which was a deep dive into goal setting and prioritization. 

It occurred to me AFTER publishing that course that a simpler take on goals might better meet the appetite of my community. To that end, I am releasing a course today called “Goal Setting – Short Course“. My hope is that you will find value in a more direct message that may lead to diving in deeper through the Goal 365 course. 

Class was excellent thank you so much for all of the information. Out of every class I have been to this by far my favorite! When you get a chance can you forward me an email with that sheet you showed us in class for when the motorcycles come in!

Nicole Paruolo – Service Manager

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