No More Dilly Dallying

Hey everyone. It’s been a heck of a week. While I love this site and what it can represent moving forward, I also have a day job and many of my initiatives are being adopted right now… which is awesome, but taxing. I have a team of five people across two active product lines creating learning content. I have a vendor re-working our user interface so my end customer will have the sensation of being a whole new site. I have a newly constructed technical training area coming together to service both product lines, and all this is going on while the company is undergoing a sort of restructure internally.

To say I am thrilled at the progress is an understatement, but there is more to life than a job. I have been thinking of legacy this week as this world lost a great man this week. A dear friend of mine woke up Thursday and couldn’t breathe. His wife was home but unable to assist and help came too late. He’s gone.

A man in his 30’s with a zest for life and excellence. A man that while not engaged in the virus of the new millennium — Social Media — still had gobs of acquaintances and people to call him friend. He was brilliant, a critical thinker, humble. he was the type of person you entered a conversation with, and exited that conversation a better person. I loved him. He’d been to my home and met my kids – they loved him. He was that type of guy. Poof gone.

No More Dilly Dallying!

I’ve been working on the Manana No Mas! LMS (Learning Management System) for a long time and adding bits and pieces here and there. I keep thinking once I get this far, I’ll take it public… then this… then this… Truth is I feel my purpose in life is to add value to others. If I truly believe this, it is against that purpose to not share.

So here is the deal. It’s not ready for prime time yet, but its ready for a preview. While I have private projects for clients… this is for “Members” of the Manana No Mas! network. Whoa – wait a minute… what’s this Member thing? As the I’s and T’s get dotted and crossed, we’ll be moving to a member model with appropriate pricing, but for now I am opening this up to the public to preview the work as it builds. While some is Powersports related, I have centered my focus on General Business and Life Coaching from a Leadership perspective.

What I ask is that you send your feedback. Periodically I will use the site to gauge progress. I ask that you supply me the feedback that helps me make it better. Click on the LINK in the Main Menu or HERE

**There is also a lot of video content getting added quickly. **


Thank You – Enjoy

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