Solve A Problem and Create An Opportunity Too

This is a favorite strategy when I am looking to add value to others while seeking growth simultaneously.

The true fact of life is that the world is riddled with problems. And, if you live and don’t see any problems, don’t worry! Go outside your bubble, and you’ll find them. Problems are found in all sorts of packages and in various ways. How problems are seen by you dictate how those problems will be addressed.

Some people see problems as opportunities.

Opportunities to produce
• Opportunities to change
• Opportunities to develop
• Opportunities to inspire
• Opportunities to reflect
• Opportunities to grow

When you see problems as opportunities, you can train the mind, not complain and whine when problems arise. These are reactionary actions. Instead, your mind can think about the problems, so that you can find the opportunities hidden inside – find the answer to the problem. Problems may look difficult to contend with, but every problem has an opportunity within itself. And big problems only lead to big opportunities.

Take stock around you – everything you see and do was once an issue. For example, the transportation problem was the Wright brothers’ opportunity to come up with the airplane. And, the automobile was the brainchild of Karl Benz.

The problem with communications gave Martin Cooper the chance to build a mobile phone, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and both Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom for Skype.

The problem with information allowed for Sergey Brin and Larry Page to come up with Google; and Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales developed Wikipedia.

With today’s society, problems almost always lead to solutions that then lend themselves to opportunities. There has been great improvement in technology because of these problems that now has made it, so life is much easier and better than before.

New opportunities tend to masquerade themselves as problems. And, you lose those opportunities when you don’t embrace them with the right mindset.

There are two key ways in which people see problems:

One person may see it as an opportunity to happen and comes up with a solution.
• Another person may see the issue as a problem and buys the answer.

The funny part is that the person who comes up with the answer to the problem is far more likely to be richer than the poorer person. In order to escape poverty, you must always look for solutions that will solve your problems. While you can’t solve all the world’s problems, but solving one means you can stay alive.

Doctors, accountants, attorneys, bankers, etc. are all examples of people who use their skills as an opportunity to address a problem. Everybody at some point in time as the capacity – with or without an education – to solve a problem. It all comes down to the right mindset and attitude. If you want to solve a problem, you must want to do so!

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