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Hey – Manana No Mas! family… I NEED your help. In exchange for this help, I am offering you free access to the “After the Challenge” course on the Learning Management System. It’s a course geared to folks that have lost the weight through some type of fitness camp but need inspiration in maintaining the weight loss.

There is a SOCIAL side of the LMS that encourages community. That is where I need your help. Get in, look around, build a profile and hook up with other learners. I really appreciate it.

VOUCHER — wclW91xYL0wh

Go to and hover on Course Catalog.

Select the sub-menu My Courses

Scroll down below REGISTER and fill in the form

Click the “RECIEVE TEXTS” box

Select “Have a voucher?”

Input Voucher


See for a video tutorial if you are unclear.

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