Why You Should Embrace Setbacks

Failing Forward is a great quality to have…

Within the process of achievement, you’re likely to have setbacks – some minor, some major. Resenting these inevitable setbacks only makes them worse, and does nothing to increase the likelihood that you’ll get where you want to go. In fact, just the opposite happens. Concentrating negatively on your setbacks will use up the mental energy you could be using to move forward towards your goals!

Setbacks can teach you valuable lessons, if you view them positively. First of all, expect setbacks to happen, and they won’t sneak up and surprise you. No road traveled is without a few bumps, so accept them, learn from them, and move forward!

Setbacks can teach you where the weaknesses lie within your plan of action. They can point out issues you may not have anticipated, and fixing these problems will make your process much stronger in the long run. When you come across one of these weaknesses, view it as a lesson in where you need to apply reinforcement.

Setbacks also help you develop and master problem-solving skills. Expertly solving a problem you didn’t expect and didn’t foresee will not only positively affect your process, but it will also raise your confidence level, and develop your mind at the same time.

Very often, there is no way to accurately foresee where a problem might come up, so you just have to get to work, let the process unfold, and let the challenges crop up where they will. These challenges serve to help you grow as a person, and will help your process by strengthening your resolve to achieve as much as possible.

Viewing challenges, problems, issues – whichever name you’d like to assign them – with a positive mind can help you view the entire process with a growth-centered mindset. Remember that there is no actual failure where a lesson has been learned. And often, the lesson is simply that it won’t work the way you initially intended, so it’s time to find an alternative!

Using setbacks to facilitate growth in your own life is the most positive way you can utilize the inevitable. Tell yourself that it’s okay to experience this discomfort because it’s a sign that you’re growing and changing internally, and that is always a positive thing.

Battling the setbacks, and continuing to resent them, will only serve to use up your mental and physical energy. Change what you can – move forward, and delight in the growth you are experiencing!

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