Goal Setting – short course

I was reviewing my library of course and recognized that while I have a lot of content that focuses on development and goals, I didn’t have a short, easy to consume and apply course on “Goal Setting”.

Our Goal 365 course is a fantastic course and takes precious time to help you develop your best you through detailed goal setting and pursuit. By implementing that course and applying it to your life, you will definitely see forward motion on your desires.

This course is designed to give you a more rounded, entry approach to the subject of Goal Setting. In the following lessons you will cover:

  • Don’t forget about your financial goals
  • Goal setting for kids
  • Goal setting is about priorities
  • How groups can help you keep your goals
  • Knowing what you want out of life
  • Should managers set goals for employees
  • Were your New Years Resolutions a success
  • What should you include in your time management system
  • What time management software work best
  • Why people fail with fitness goals

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Kurt von Ahnen Kurt von Ahnen Author

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Goal Setting – Short Course

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